Ambassadors of Christ
On July 9, 2009 my husband (Mirick) cut two of his tendons to his pinky at work. He had to be taken the emergency room, where he realized he could not move his pinky. He received two stitches and was referred to a surgeon for the next day….We got to the surgeon’s office where he confirmed that Mirick did cut the 2 tendons in his pinky but (Praise God), he missed the nerves and blood vessels. I was so thankful that God through His sovereignty orchestrated the event, the doctor said it was a miracle, because he cut the tendon on the top of the pinky which runs over the nerves and blood vessels; and then he cut the tendon that ran under the nerves and blood vessels. Yes, it was a miracle by the hands of my Abba Father! The surgeon set the surgery date for following week on July 17, 2009. 

Leaving the doctor’s office many thoughts began to cross my mind, so I asked God, “What would you have me to learn from this situation?”, because Mirick is the bread winner for our family. He was going to be missing work and workman’s comp would only cover 60% of his income. I have lived and seen how God has been faithful in providing for our needs and most times for our wants. So I needed & wanted to be prepared for the negative thoughts that would creep in from the enemy, I wanted to walk through this with my Abba Father. Wow! God honored my desire and He led me through this time of trials in our lives, things have been financial strained or better yet drained. Mirick has been out of work 2 weeks and no workman’s comp check yet! But we have not gone without, we have not been living in tension or worry. We have spent these two weeks in times of prayer and Mirick allowing me to take care of him. Here we are in the final days before Mirick returns to work. The stitches have come out and therapy is going well, and  my wonderful husband has been the perfect patient. Praise the Lord!  

I must tell you that if this happened a year ago I would have been a crazy mess! Worrying about how long he would be out of work, what we would have to do to make up the other 40% of his income. How will Mirick and I make it in the same house all day together? How the bills would be paid and so on………….However, I thank God that He has brought me from worrying, to trusting! I thank God that He has given me His peace in the toughest of times! I thank God that He has surrounded me with individuals who pray for me and my family daily! I thank God He has taught me how to seek Him instead of someone  on the other end of the phone line for support! I thank God that He has taught me how to focus on Him instead of the situations and circumsatances that will continue to arise in my life until He calls me home! I thank God that I am His child and He loves me! He is my strength!

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